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Pallets provides a safe and comfortable handling solution in export cargo. Export Packaging pallets are designed economically for export packaging application. Euro Pallets is a means of transport to the loading and base of the floor for forklift handling, adjusted for stacking. The most commonly used variety of standardized dimensions 1200 x 800 x 145 mm (EUR) to the weight of 25 kg and 1000 kg load. Pallets mainly handling enables the creation of larger units, better utilization of space vehicles, rationalize and speed up loading operations, and not least, increase security in the handling of goods.heavy-dutyplastic-pallet-1200mm-x-1000mm-with-specifications

We are one of the prominent manufacturers and suppliers specialized to offer an exclusive range of export pallet supplier Bangalore. For the safety of these item and ease of transportation, pallets possess a flat surface to steadily support the goods while being lifted with some heavy machinery. These pallets are available as per the client specifications at customer friendly rates.


  • No phytosanitary Certificate inspection needed on export.
  • No Fumigation costs for the wooden pallets.
  • No delay in delivery ro your overseas client caused by timber pallets regulations.
  • 100% recyclable can be shipped again and again.
  • Hygienic, moisture-proof, odourless and non-toxic, very resistant to chemicals, particularly acids and alkalis and to U V radiation
  • May be hot washed, steam cleaned or chemically sterilised
  • Minimum maintenance and safe to handle-free form screws, nails, splinters and chipping
  • Two way entry for pallet jack & four way entry for fork lift
  • Dimensionally stable

We are instrumental in offering a broad collection of Euro Pallets all over the World. These quality oriented pallets are meticulously tested by our highly experienced quality controllers on various parameters to meet the variegated demands of our esteemed clients. Our products are suitable for packaging gods and other items. With these flawless products, our company has maintained a strong bridgehead in the market.

Euro pallets are the most popular pallets in Bangalore. They are also used widely in the World.

Euro Pallet 13 & 14 are of the same specification, although Euro pallet 13 is EPAL standard, clean and first grade. Pallet 14 being second grade. Pallets 15 and 16, general dimensions being the same, but are only suitable for medium to lighter loads, please see the specifications.pallet-sofa-design

Euro-pallet or EPAL-pallet—is the standard European pallet as specified by the European Pallet Association (EPAL). Pallets conforming to the standardization are eligible for the European Pallet Pool (EPP) -the system allows for an exchange as “pallet for pallet”.

The Euro-pallet goes back to the plywood pallets used in railway transport. In 1961 the European railways commissioned the standardization of a common pallet type under the auspices of the UIC. The inventor was supposedly the Svensson brothers of Gyllsjö, Skåne, Sweden. Using the Euro-pallet, it was possible to load railroad cars in just 10% of the time of earlier loading processes. In 1968 the association also specified a standard lattice box along with a standard lattice box pallet.

With the success of the Euro-pallets, a number of replicas entered the market that used low-quality wood which splintered easily and were prone to mould. So the European railways, which own the trademarks for EUR/EPAL, created a separate standardization body. The European Pallet Association was founded in 1991, and the EUR and EPAL logo may only used by licensees of that organization.

Globalization has made for a decline of the EUR/EPAL system since the EUR-pallets do not fit well into ISO containers. It is still the most widespread export pallets type in the world, with an estimate of 350 to 500 million EUR-pallets being in circulation. One of the advantages is that the 800 mm width fits through normal doors (the most common DIN door type is 850 mm by 2000 mm).

There are two different types of pallet jacks in common usage today, the most simplistic is the manual jack ideal for use in warehouses where plastic pallets in Bangalore are stored mainly at ground level, the manual pallet jack resembles a dolly that features forks on the front end. The operator walks behind the manual jack, controlling the direction of the jack with a simple steering mechanism. The forks are slid underneath a pallet, and the operator uses a lever to gently active the lifting mechanism on the device. The manual pallet jacks are then used to walk the elevated pallet over to a new location on the warehouse or plant floor.pallet-sofa-and-center-table

When looking at purchasing a Pallet Jack there are a few questions that you will need to ask yourself. The first would be how heavy the stock you will be lifting is. As a guide most of the Jacks on the Market are designed to lift 2500Kg, which would generally cover most warehouse uses as moving anything over 2500kg would be beyond most storeman.

The next question would be “what is the surface of the floor that it will be used on?” The main reason to ask this question is wooden pallet Bangalore Jacks are available with either Polyurethane or Nylon wheels. Polyurethane wheels are perfect for shopping centres, tiled floors, marble floors, timber floors as these wheels wont mark. Nylon wheels are hard and perfect for concrete and warehouse floors, but they will mark.

Finally you will find that if you look around the warehouse you will see the Pallets themselves come in two main different widths. These are often classified into Euro or Standard Pallets. Euro Pallet Jacks are designed with the forks closer together (usually 450-570mm) while the Standard are 685mm apart. If you intend to use the popular Chep or cheap Pallets you will find the Standard Jacks perfect but if you use the Euro Pallet’s then the Euro Jack will understandably more useable. The only exception would be if the Jack is to be used in the back of a truck where space is at a premium. In this case the Euro would possibly the best choice.

Used pallets lights “EURA” bears the mark partial wear. It is characterized by a light-colored wood and is not yet been signs of damage or damp mold. Rubber wood pallets of this type are bright and are bear the same registration marks as a new variety – a sign of the sponsor and the provider’s license number of the licensee (manufacturer) a euro sign in an oval box, and always on both sides.

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