Plastic Pallet

Advantages of Plastic Pallets Over Wood Pallets

Look around any retail store, and you'll see hundreds or thousands of products carefully displayed. It’s likely that each one of them was delivered on either a wooden or plastic pallet. There are advantages to both types, but plastic has become the most dependable due to its durability, cleanliness, and safety. The next time you need to ship items in mass, consider the following 7 benefits of plastic pallets.

1. Lighter

Plastic pallets are 50%-70% lighter than wooden pallets. Businesses will save money in shipping fees since weightis included in cost. The lesser weight of these shipping containers translates to 30-35% less money out of your budget.

2. More Compact

Wooden pallets are bulky, making shipping more expensive. For organizational and efficiency purposes, they have to be stacked on top of one another. If the average wood pallet is 25cm high, and your warehouse has fourteen of them, the stack totals at 350cm, or three and a half meters tall. On the contrary, plastic ones don’t have to be stacked. They are collapsible and can be stored away to save space.

3. Durability

One of the top benefits of plastic basins is their durability. Unlike wood, plastic does not break. Wood splinters and snaps, while plastic ones are designed to be strong to withstand damage.

4. Cleanliness

Because plastic pallets aren’t porous, they’re easy to clean. Pallet owners simply have to spray them off with a water hose. You can’t spray off wooden pallets. Wet, wooden pallets attract termites and grow fungus. Overtime, warehouse managers will waste money by continuously replacing wooden storage due to damage.

5. Flexibility

Flexible storage allows you to put a variety of goods ona single pallet, improving efficiency and reducing the amount you have to ship. Wooden pallets do not have dividers, so you can only put one type of product on them. Having dividers allows you to be able to pack a variety of goods and capitalize onthe space at hand.

6. Eco-Friendly

Many organizations who want to be eco-friendly have invested in plastic pallets. Plastic is 100% recyclable. If it gets damaged at all, its parts can be recycled and used again. The same can’t be said for wood. Once they're damaged or infested with termites, they are deemed unusable.

7. Safe

Plastic pallets don’t have nails or sharp edges. They are usually constructed in one solid piece, which makes it less likely to have weak spots in the joints. They also don’t have nails or screws in them that can harm handlers.